slow(damping_factor) slow.messages = [] = []


Multiplies the current physical velocity by the parameter damping_factor on every frame. This constant velocity damping looks like physical 'friction' - as if the element is moving through a dense media.

This controller itself does not apply any transforms, but the whole physics simulation applies one translate transform on the element.


Visit page Controller # Common Parameters for documentation on the parameters, common to all controllers: id, paused and disabled.

Parameters of slow():

Strength of velocity damping. Values in the range (0 - 1) make sense, where lower values result in faster decay of velocity. Default value: 0.95

Accepted Messages

Visit page Controller # Common Messages for documentation on the messages, accepted by all controllers: pause, unpause, enable, disable, params and remove.

Messages specific to slow(): none

Generated Events

Visit page Controller # Common Events for documentation on the events, generated by all controllers: frame, remove, paused, unpaused enabled and disabled.

Events specific to slow(): none

Interaction with DOM

Changes Log

  1. Controller introduced in v.0.80

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