spring(strength, max_len, fixed_point_id, paths) spring.messages = [] = []


Simulates an attracting (or repulsing) 'spring' force that accelerates the element towards another target element or towards a path made of one or several move() controllers. Acceleration is proportional to the distance to the target.

If parameter max_len is supplied, then the force becomes very strong when the distance to the target reaches this value, effectively limiting the maximal length/'stretching' of the 'spring'.

Note that since the algorithm is not precise (that's not the point of behave3d), this controller tends to accelerate the element more and more when passing close to the target even if it's not moving. This over-acceleration can be tampered with the use of the slow() controller.

The physics simulation applies one translate transform.


Visit page Controller # Common Parameters for documentation on the parameters, common to all controllers: id, paused and disabled.

Parameters of spring():

Strength of force. Larger value results in faster acceleration. Note that negative values are posible, which will make the force repulsing instead of attracting. Default value: 1
Maximal length of the 'spring' in pixels, or 0 for unlimited spring length. Default value: 0
DOM ID of the target element to which the force attracts if no paths are specified. If both parameters fixed_point_id and paths are not supplied, then the element will be attracted to its initial position. Default value: ""
A space-delimited list of controller ids of move() controllers belonging to this element. The sum of these controllers' current coordinates makes the coordinates of the spring's target. Default value: ""

Accepted Messages

Visit page Controller # Common Messages for documentation on the messages, accepted by all controllers: pause, unpause, enable, disable, params and remove.

Messages specific to spring(): none

Generated Events

Visit page Controller # Common Events for documentation on the events, generated by all controllers: frame, remove, paused, unpaused enabled and disabled.

Events specific to spring(): none

Interaction with DOM

Changes Log

  1. Controller introduced in v.0.80

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