Welcome to behave3d

a javascript lib for

dynamic 3D behavior

of HTML elements


  • Performance-oriented code - strict-mode js with no try-catches, setters/getters or over-use of anonymous functions or large short-lived objects
  • No legacy bloating, nor dependency on other libraries
  • Optimized applying of transforms

Easy to Use

  • Automatically-managed true 3D scene with synchronized browser viewport and perspective
  • As little as one line of code for several controllers
  • Easy setting of inertia-like dynamics for all kinds of transitions


  • All coordinates and percentiges can be supplied relative to viewport, document, parent, element and altitude of camera
  • Simple triggering via own message & event system, saving most of the time lost in writing callbacks
  • As smooth as your browser can get, requestAnimationFrame() or setTimeout()
  • Easing and parametric accelerations-driven dynamics