Help improve behave3d

You can help the behave3d project in several ways:

Report Bugs

The lib is in its infancy and needs a lot of fixes in order to perform well in all/most environments. Help find the issues by reporting the problems you (and your system) encounter.

Reporting is done at the following link and requires an account at

Request Features

The lib can improve in many ways. You are welcome to give ideas and suggestions.

This is done in the same way as reporting bugs at:

Participate in Development

What's better than implementing your ideas for improvement by yourself? Contribute by creating a pull request at:


Help financially the creator of the lib to cover domains & hosting expenses and allow him to spend more time on improving and supporting the lib.
Visit the Donations Page.

In whatever way you decide to help behave3d, taking the time to do it is greatly appreciated! Thank you!